Train Jam

So, I decided to do a game. What is that? Well, let’s say you have a very long train ride ahead of you. You could either: A. Read a book. B. Watch some series. C. Sleep or D. Screw all that and make a game! I decided to go with D. Not only that but I figured I could use something useful on my website and I did want to do a remake on my old game, speed so that I have a presentable version on the interwebz.

So that’s what I started to do and oh, do everything from scratch without an internet connection. Now that’s a challenge! I wanted initially to do things in flash but somehow flixel didn’t help me. It kept saying a class that was there did not exist. Weird enough, so I decided to go with Unity because A. It’s easy, B. I’ve used it before and C. Did I mention it was easy?

The goal of the game is to get a highscore while avoiding the obstacle(+s for future versions. Yes, I plan to keep working on this boy). You use your arrow keys (I haven’t connected WASD to axis yet, so sorry guys) to move around and collect pellets. The more pellets you collect, the faster you go! If you hate the blue background, don’t worry, I hate it too, I just haven’t made anything good enough to replace it, yet. I also have another couple of things that need tweaking like: checking to see if you jump over an obstacle because you’re simply translated over it, in order to make sure you don’t abuse the speed for nothing, a menu system, a score collection system and a better way to randomly generate the obstacle(+s so you can see I keep that in mind) and the pellets. Oh and I like so that I want to tryand reproduce it in flash AND in HTML5. Time to say what that big boy is made of.

(EDIT: The annoying blue background and one more texture have been fixed.)

But if you want to see the game and how it feels like, you can try it HERE. I did not expect the build to be that different from the version I was testing ( silly me) but after a few tweaks it works like a charm. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.


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