The Muse’s last playtest

We had our final playtest. You can check the build over here:
I’m not sure if I have uploaded the build that I will be handing in, as it has a couple of minor modifications but even though I had planned to have it be the second last playtest, due to external events it ended up being  cancelled and further playtests will have to occur should I choose to develop it further. (Check my ranting on housing in Denmark for more details).

The results of the playtest were quite positive. They were not only positive though, bugs were still found, nonetheless, her overall impression was that it had evolved quite well since our last test. I had to take out the music and I will have to compose something different, the reason being that it was too peaceful and not tense enough. I guess that is a problem with classical and baroque music, though I believe I shall still use a string quartet for that case, even if it will be all made using a sound composing program. I have also gone through the art style that I have thought of for the game and reached an agreement on many points. In the end I believe this game will be fantastic once it is complete. Currently, I believe that it is important to create every element and test it and then have the levels simply fall into place. Continuing to work on the prototype to produce something better is the next logical step I think since every playtester has not stopped at the first level, but has continued trying it out several times over, showing that there is something “fun” in all of that which keeps players in. Something that could be tapped into to produce something good.

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