Rice Pudding Interviewing

Now with a new muse, it’s time for the interview. I have decided to sweeten that up by using rice pudding to bridge the gap between us, but before I go further into why it’s good to pamper your muse in order for her to open up, I’m going to present my muse a bit.

She is Korean, around my age, and is a non-gamer, again, though we have played a couple of board games on and off again with friends of mine, every thursday before dinner. That way I noticed her style of play a little. She did not like acquire or munchkin but she really enjoyed Guillotine, showing that she likes simple games. Not too hard, not too complex, but simple. What made me choose her as a good contender for a muse was the fact that she was my flat mate which made things a lot better in terms of communication.

Now, back to the interview. It is important to get to form a cozy atmosphere for you and your muse, and I mean cozy, not romantic. This opens up the minds of both parties involved and allows one to be comfortable to open up, even to describe little quirks about ones personality. Why Rice pudding then you might ask? Simple: Because simply she did not ever have it, despite the fact that she is Korean. Actually, since then, I showed her that you can actually buy and that’s what she’s been having on a weekly basis. That and she started playing her favourite game, Rayman again. That’s good now, isn’t it? It means our discussion was simple enough to make a connection in that she learned new things and started fixing her nostalgia, while I gained vital information to my project.

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