Quest of Copenhagen

Quest of Copenhagen is a project that I had worked on as part of my collaboration with No Parking. For it, I had the role of lead programmer and made the code to run both the app itself and the backend. It is an interactive treasure hunt for iPad, through the historical city centre of Copenhagen. The user navigates with the help of a city map, that is continuously updated with the users position through GPS data. The map shows what locations can be explored through the use of icons. When approaching a location, the icon changes colours, and can be activated. Each location features a video clip, giving the user unique information about the destination. After seeing the film, the user is presented with a quiz containing 3 tricky questions, the information for which is located in the videos. A count of points is showed at the top of the screen, contributing to a fun competition among multiple users.

Quest of Copenhagen was nominated for the prestigious Lily Price in Denmark

For more information on the project and pictures of the event, please visit the following link:

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