Project Bynar

Announcing Project Bynar

After watching the special edition of Indie Game: The Movie I got inspired and decided to actively do something. So far, my job search has not gone the way I intended and currently everyone is on holiday so there are even less available jobs out there, so why not take matters into my own hands?

Through this I’m starting this new project which I code named Bynar. I will present over the course of the following weeks the development but I will not go into too much detail. I am still afraid of people randomly stealing ideas, so I will only post a quick description of it here. I plan to release it for free for handheld devices by the time I leave Denmark.

Top-Down Vertical Shooter. Action/Arcade

Target Audience: Ages 12+

Description: Think of it as a cross between Tyrian and Super Crate Box. You have to collect powerups but once you collect one, your weapon changes. You may only move left and right and your weapons fire automatically depending on the powerup. The enemies have specific standard firing patterns. Enemies are important to be destroyed. Obstacles not. Powerups count up as score only. If an enemy is not destroyed, he will come back as more powerful, making it important to mix between, killing enemies, collecting powerups and avoiding/destroying obstacles.

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