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A couple of weeks ago, we had an exercise where we had to make an analog game that fits into a game emotion and we had to do it fast with the material we had. I had no idea but I did make up one as we went and this is what the result is:

I call it Ambassador : England.

And this is what the board game looks like, made by someone who is bad at drawing.

It is a trivia game that involves a die, set pieces, a board and a set of questions. The objective of the game is to travel to question tiles and answer questions correctly. You can turn questions to points by going to the ambassador and turning in your questions. Once you have enough points ahead, you win, but if you run out of questions the winner is the one with the most points ahead, but if there is a tie, then a question card is drawn and the one who answers correct first of the one who are in a draw, wins. If no one answers correctly, a new card is drawn and so on.

Play as any country within the EU and EEA! The Question mark are tokens which you claim after answering questions correctly.

I decided to do it open source meaning, you can download the source material and modify it anyway you want.

You can download the source material from Here. The artwork is made in Illustrator and i’m not good in drawing so, it’s pretty plain so far but feel free to alter it any way you want!

You can download the PDF versions of the files necessary to play from Here. You have your board inside, set pieces, rule sheet and question sheet. The game is simple to set up, it’s made for 2-4 players and should not last more than 30 minutes.

Here is a sample question from the game.

If you have any suggestions on improvement, feel free to come up with them, or even make them yourself, there’s nothing stopping you. Also, the rules were made in pretty much a rush as I wanted to finish making this before doing some compulsory work, while on holiday. Best time, right? So, I am not just open, but very open to suggestions.

Cheers, folks!

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