Molydeaux 2013 – Most Interesting Trigger in the World

Presenting the Most Interesting Trigger in the World

Most Interesting Thing in the World

Most Interesting Thing in the World

MITinW is a game developed in Unity for the Molyjam, done entirely in 48 hours. For it, I used the quote “Pull the right trigger to see The Most interesting Thing in the World”. Everything in the game was done over the span of the weekend. Ok, maybe I worked on the generator beforehand, but it needed a massive overhaul anyway. For this generator I had to do a 500 line switch! That’s not something you see every day. Could that have been avoided? Mmmmno. But it solved a lot of level design potential problems and improved replayability.

The goal of the game is to find the most interesting trigger in the world, but there are others out there. Can you find the right one? It’s very simple. Ok, I’ll give you a hint, it’s the one that stays. That’s all I can say.

And if you feel you lose hope, stay tuned, I will be providing maps of different sizes for different difficulties. This map is 30×30 so, good luck!

Controls: W,A,S,D to move

Give it a try!


Did you find it?

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