Love of the Dalek

Love of the Dalek is something that came out during the Global Game Jam 2013 as an attempt to make a game that needs random maze generation and all within 24 hours, since I had other duties to attend to.


Love of the Dalek is a game where you control a lonely Dalek that has to get to its partner who is somewhere in the maze. Since the theme of the jam was “Sound of a Heartbeat”, I decided to use that as a mechanic, mainly in finding the partner, making it appear that your heart beats faster the closer you are to your partner.

The maze is split into blocks, each block generating others as you enter it. The game started from a prototype that I wanted to try for dungeon generation and I figured I would use it firstly for mazes. Then seeing as there is not much time to do a proper pathfinding algorithm, I decided to let the user decide to regenerate the mazes, should they not be good enough, but I will add a proper pathfinding tool in later builds, as well as letting only the block tiles that are on camera be regenerated.


Love of the Dalek

Love of the Dalek

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