Kandy Raccoon Saga

During the Global Game Jam in Early 2014, the news of the hostile copyright acquisition by a certain famous developer was making ripples on the internet. To that extent, I decided to name my game that I would develop “Kandy Raccoon Saga” and all with a K to avoid a potential lawsuit, if there was any possibility of any, with the aforementioned famous developer.

Kandy Raccoon saga is a Local Multiplayer game where two raccoons are trying to get to the candy in the middle. Hitting other players hands is recommended. I developed this game by myself in a little over 24 hours, making the game more for fun and to see how to make a game where the levels are all saved in text files and can be modified and all levels are loaded dynamically, meaning you only have to add another text file to the folder and it will be added automatically.

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