Homo superior

What wonderful times we live in. What should this post be about? Oh, there is so much to talk about. We’re humans. If we don’t have trouble we make our trouble. We’re humans. If we have something that annoys us we ignore it until we can’t ignore it anymore, then we kill it. We’re humans. Or are we? At what point did we stop being humans and start being dolls? Puppets? Little plush teddy bears with screws on their backs. They go through their same routine. They are happy. They do whatever they want, or whatever it is they think they want. What is it that they truly want? Do they know? Do you know? Do you know what you really want? Are you sure of it? So sure you would spend a long time fighting for it? Wait, wait, i’m hitting a soft spot here. Fighting for it? We never fight for anything. We are too comfy. The comfy generation I might call it. Do you want a good life? You’re not working for it, you’re expecting it. You’re expecting getting into some cheap little scheme to get you enough money to waste way on alcohol, tobacco, sex and drugs. That’s what it’s all about. The high life. Living the life. Living the good life. Living by your own rules. Not caring what society wants even though society makes the rules we all go by. If we dress differently we need society’s approval to be accepted. If we cross the street on a red light we need the right approval. It’s all about society regulating us. What happens when society turns to comfortable anarchy. Everybody does whatever they want. Land of the free remember? But who  actually knows what they want? Better said, who actually fights for what they want? We are selfish bored bastards spending more time going on Facebook, looking over pictures of the opposite sex than actually getting into contact with them, forming bonds. Forming new worlds. Your world is the world defined by everything you know. For the moment, dear reader, I am in your world. My whereabouts may or may not be since they might be a picture or a simple part of your imagination. When we connect, we make a new world. We make our world. The world created between us. There is no one universe, this is a multiverse. Everybody has his own universe around him. That’s also what showcases another very noticeable aspect about ourselves: egotism. When was the last time you actually called somebody just to say thank you. The last time you sent a postcard to someone to thank or to remind them how special they are to you. The last time you helped somebody get their luggage off the bus because it was too heavy. The last time you actually stopped and called someone to help a perfect stranger who was lost. We are these creatures. Creatures of gossip and hate. Of pride and envy. Of egotism. Egotism. There is nothing that flows more in the veins of humans than egotism. If it’s not yours, you just don’t care. If it can’t help you, you don’t care. Humans. All in all god’s creation? For we are more imperfect than the worst possible definition. We are horrible in our own ways. Can we be wondrous? Can we be “a piece of work” as written within the pages of Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Can we actually cut the chains of comfort? Can you risk abandoning watching tv or sitting on the computer to do some exercise each day? Can you risk working hard to make something for yourself instead of wasting away, making mother nature feel sorry to even have created you? Can you get up your feet and get so involved that you don’t feel tiredness anymore, but the thrill? The thrill of being busy and having your closest ones admire you for the things you do? Can you dear reader? Can you be the example of Nietzsche? Can you be homo superior? The one who fights for his ideals and for his ability to be comfortable whenever he calls upon it? Can you?

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