Imagine a game for your smartphone which is inspired by snake but instead of getting longer, you go faster, increasing the difficulty to a different level.

Speed is an android game that uses the accelerometer for user input. The higher your score, the faster your movement.


These two screenshots are made of the java prototype that I had developed before in order to test the mechanics.


I am currently working on porting it to web browsers for it to be playable online as well.

EDIT October 13th 2012

I took an idea that I don’t regret at all, actually it proved to be very helpful. I was about to take a 10 hour train trip to Germany so I figured, why not make a “Train Jam”? So that’s exactly what I did. I managed to make a Unity version of Speed which I have done about 95% from scratch. The only 5% that wasn’t from scratch was the idea, but I’ve iterated on it a while.

EDIT November 21st 2012

I’m going to start adding a mute button to all my games. A mute button has been added so that you don’t have to curse me when trying it out, provided that the music is annoying in any way to you.




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