Green Time

Green Time is a game for the Serious and Persuasive Games course with which we participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012. We even got far but sadly we didn’t get to be in the top 10 to get to the finals.

In Green Time you are in control of a representation of a human and your purpose is to solve puzzles that can aid in improving the environment around you. As you start, the environment is gray but as you progress it slowly turns to it’s true colours.

You start the game indoors and you have to check that inside you are a clean and environment caring individual. Once you go out you could either solve problems now or go back in time to solve certain problems at their source!

Going in time is strictly related to your colour and the shape of your head. Should you make a mistake indoors, you will devolve and go from green to gray to having a square head. Having a square head means that you can’t convince people to renounce their bad habits, while being green means that you can go back in time.



Here is a little easter egg from during production:


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