Florian’s is a 3D puzzle platformer game with no direct combat that is set in a steampunk circus world. You play as Marcel, a wooden puppet who is out to rescue his friends from the evil puppetmaster and his twisted circus. The game’s main mechanic is the transformation of Marcel, allowing the puppet to turn into different states. In our vertical slice, we have implemented 2 different states: wooden and clockwork.

The game was created by a team of 8 people using Unity for the Game Development course at ITU Copenhagen. My role in the production was as level implementer, designer and overall filler. I ended up painting the whole thing, made a couple of prototypes, textures and models.

For making the models I used 3ds Max. For making the textures I used Adobe Photoshop and for making the prototypes I used Unity coding in C#. Greyboxing was done in Unity using primitives.

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