Arty: The Cat of Life

Presenting Arty: The Cat of Life

Built on the foundations of Conway’s Game of Life, Arty: The Cat of Life has you play as a cat with mystical powers who must defeat the evil force that is mutating the world. In order to fight the infection with another infection, you must use friendly bacteria to your advantage as you move through the environment. You gain increases or modifications to your bacteria manipulating ability as you progress. Your performance in each level is judged based on the catnip that you have collected.


The game is split into three modes: Normal Platforming, Timed Mode and Build Mode.

The normal platforming mode is also the standard play and what the game first introduces you to. Timed mode has players think and act fast as they cannot use the ability on their own and must move and think fast in order to get all the collectibles in the level. Build mode has players think ahead and plan their route in order to collect all the collectibles and get to the end checkpoint.

The game has currently one playable chapter as it is built towards a demo experience. It was developed for the Imagine Cup 2013.

Team Members:

Andrew Borg Cardona – Programming

Marta la Mendola – Art

Corinne Cadalin Skjaerbaek – Art

Virgil Tanase – Sound



The Video Presentation for the Imagine Cup is below:




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