Future Development

Now with playtesting over, I believe it is time to talk about the future of this project. Since playtest has so far been positive, after asking my muse if she would be willing to help me complete the project and take it beyond, to which she responded very happily, admitting that she felt a bit privileged, but that is only due to the nature of the circumstances.

One could divide the future development of the product into four main columns:

First, the aesthetics. From an aesthetics point of view, what is important is to finish all artwork and polish that. Firstly, model and animate the character. Make the player feel attached to it by polishing the main character as much as possible. Afterwards, start modeling the environment and by that the direction will be of using clouds as inspiration and making them look somewhat cut-out, similar in vein to Little Big Planet. Afterwards, creating different enemies and modeling them and creating the ocean will be all that’s left before going alpha and testing it again.

Second, the sound system. That has to be done from scratch but with an aesthetic already planned, that should be more than possible. The music might be a bit harder as tense classical music is a bit hard to find, and Wagner sounds a bit too epic rather than tense. The sounds will have to be taken off the internet but I plan on doing it on a pre-alpha stage so as to map exactly what is needed and then proceed according to that.

Thirdly, the levels. Using what I have so far and what will be built further on, I will want to build a lot of small levels that take full use of the mechanic of rotating a 2D space in order to use a 3D space environment. Probably creating similar worlds would be a plus as it would give the player a sense of progression and then dividing everything into chapters. Currently, I am planning on working on a demo, thus I believe that the first chapter will be up in the heavens and use the mechanics found there. That will also be what will be developed and released as freeware. If there’s enough public support, the rest of the chapters will be released as episodes through sales.


Fourth and final, the programming. The code will have to be slick, clean and as free from bugs as possible. Besides that, new mechanics or enemies have to be prototyped and turned into prefabs. Using a modular approach to building the code and levels would decrease time spent on production significantly and allow for a better flow of assets within the game.

That being said, I hope to actually do as much as possible with this game and if possible, submit it to an indie or student contest. It’s a good enough game I believe that will use what Fez has started and take it to a different level.


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