Frightday night on the Jam

Day 1 is almost over, at least in our case as we will not be going to crunch. Our game is going to be legendary:

A cunnilingus simulation game without any visuals, like in reality, for smartphones. We actually want to make players be forced to use their tongues on their smartphones by having them play a stimulating twister on their touchscreens and them having them be “forced”  to lick their screens. Benjamin, my teammate had tried to see if his iPhone registered his tongue and it worked.

We had the design pretty early set up and then it took a couple of hours to get everything set up. Benjamin had an android phone that he didn’t use too much so we decided to use that for debugging. After figuring out how to make your projects run on android and playing around with a couple of predefined scenes, i tried to see how to work out the multi-touch involved. After setting up an empty object to register every touch and it’s position I found out after a little debugging that the android phone we had did not have such a powerful multi-touch. At least, the number of fingers pressed went from 0 to 1 to 31?! But it could register as 0-2 fingers touching on one time, which is not enough so we will have to try and make it work tomorrow on an iPhone. This time we’ll try to prepare things in the morning as early as possible to spend the least amount of time setting up.

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