Digital Considerations

Time for a post on my reflection of what tools to use when going digitally.

In order to properly Assess, I guess I should go through each of the skills in order:

Programming – I’m good with it, I have a bachelors in it. This means that I can handle most code you can throw at me. This means that I might be using something that could be complex as well. For this reason, I have to choose between Actionscript, Java and  C# (Unity 3D) but due to the fact that Java does not have a proper game engine so to say and Actionscript is not something for the future, Unity was my prime choice regarding programming as it is not only growing, but it also looks ok on your portfolio.


Art – Here I guess my skills are a bit lacking. I’m not that much of an artist I could say, except some vector graphics and pixel art, I’m not that great. I’m a newbie when it comes to modeling despite having done a modeling class and I have no clue when it comes to animation. Animation is like a foreign language to me, one that I have not yet had the time to properly learn. Thus, I will try to keep this to a minimum if possible, try to make my prototype mechanics work first, then focus on the game. I will most probably be using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, since I have some experience with them, while I will be using 3D Studio Max for modeling.


Sound – For this I will be using Ableton live, as well as cool edit pro when it comes to editing sounds. Ableton will be used exclusively for music, except some quirky sounds that might need an instrument to produce, while environment sounds will be taken off of or similar sites that allow of free use of sound samples. I will probably be doing sound last as it has to fit with the art design and with the general flow of the game and one could get a better grasp of these once they can better see them.

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