Day Two: One step closer to licking your phone

After a not very productive first day, the second day had us switch to iOS and actually manage to make a working prototype, at least when touching. The sounds have also been implemented and now they just have to be linked to the scoring system and have everything put into place. Our cunnilingus simulator is getting close to what it ought to be and even though I would like to keep working on it for the future, the only possibility would be Android since it’s too simplistic to get on the App Store but it would only work for devices that have more than 2 touch points. Still, it is a wonderful idea.

Also, while testing, I noticed how difficult the game actually is, something which the team designer likens to pleasuring a woman. (I just had to write that down).

Trailer or gameplay video is due to be made today. Now all that is left is tying in the score with the smashing vocals. They will be the best thing you have ever heard. No, really!

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