About Me

Hello, I’m Virgil Tănase.

I’m a 24 Game Programmer with a degree in Game Design from the IT University in Copenhagen, a degree in Informatics from the Polytechnic University of Timișoara and experience in Sound Design. Games are primarily my reason for going into Computer Science, like a lot of hopefuls, but instead of choosing to only play game, I also take fun in making them, be they analog or digital. I believe Games could be more than just fun. Games could be an interactive artform, a leisure activity, a learning tool or even more.

Being a programmer, having experience in sound and music and in the design and visuals of a game, I am capable of blending it all together

Currently I live in Copenhagen, Denmark looking for a working place or job as a game developer. If you think my resume or my work is interesting, or if you would like to collaborate or hire me, please send me a message.


Check LinkedIn Page and Resume: 

If you want to read my masters thesis,



  • C#                                (3+ years)
  • C++                              (2 years BSc)
  • C                                   (2 years BSc)
  • Unity 3D                        (3+ years)
  • Java                              (2+ years)
  • Javascript                     (1+ years)
  • Android                         (1+ years)
  • Python                           (1+ years)
  • Game Design                (2 years MSc)
  • Prototyping                   (1+ years MSc)
  • Sound Design               (5+ years)
  • Sound Composition      (5+ years)
  • Music Composition       (5+ years)
  • ActionScript                  (1 years)
  • PHP + MySQL              (2+ years)
  • Illustrator + Photoshop (3+ years)
  • 3D Studio Max              (1+ years)


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